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You don't have to use the same edition in a multi-user environment for Autoidea PowerDrive.
We have created 17 editions for Sales only in Autoidea PowerDrive.
Price from $198 per user after the first user in a multi-user environment for Autoidea PowerDrive.
For apparel retailers, there is nothing special in Sales. That's why you can use either Autoidea PowerDrive for Retailers (Touch Sales Only) or Autoidea PowerDrive for Retailers with Multi Shops (Touch Sales Only).
Cities and postcodes are already saved in PowerDrive for USA, UK (except Northern Ireland), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and Taiwan.
To be the winner in today's keen market competition, it's very important for a business to quickly response market change. A static business model is not an option for a business today and tomorrow. That's why we believe every business is very unique.
Autoidea PowerDrive is an off-the-shelf package. But the much more important point is it can be deeply customized and can be upgraded with customization. PowerDrive can follow your business requirements rather than requires your business to change for the software system.
From very beginning, customization is the key point of whole design in Autoidea PowerDrive. It looks like a mature package. But it can be deeply customized without damage for the whole system. Unlike some famous packages that are very hard to be added or changed, unlike some from scratch solutions that are expensive, low quality and hard to be upgraded, Autoidea PowerDrive balances high quality, low cost of packages and high flexibility of solutions. There is a very competitive price system for Autoidea PowerDrive, even compared with packages.
Any special requirements could be done. We can make a special edition for you only. A special edition can be upgraded as well. The price of a special edition for you is normally close to an existing edition you choose.
You have to pay annual support and upgrade fee for each edition from second year each year if you want to keep using the system.
For one year period, what you pay covers unlimited email technical support, unlimited product upgrade whenever available and unlimited technical trouble shooting remotely if you allow us to access your computer.
The price for each item in Download, Order & Contact is per user based.
You can choose either US Dollars or Australian Dollars to make payment. The price for US Dollars and Australian Dollars is the same. Please carefully decide which currency you want to pay (by default, it's US Dollar). To change currency, please go to right bottom of Download, Order & Contact.
PayPal is the only payment method here.
If you stop paying annual support and upgrade fee, you can still access the system but can't add any new records. The system pops up message if the system is going to expire within 30 days.
To download the system, please go to Download, Order & Contact.
The downloaded system is fully functional but with the limitations of 25 records.
If you want to fully use Autoidea PowerDrive, you need to register it. To register it, you have to make payment first. To make payment, please go to Download, Order & Contact.
To know how to register the system, please check Administration->Registration in the last section of the manual. You can access the manual from the menu Help->Autoidea PowerDrive Help.
There are many editions for Autoidea PowerDrive in following areas.
Mobile Phone Retailers & Repairers
Apparel Retailers
Other Retailers
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